IHF Diary

  • IHF Management & Council Meeting
    24/01/2018 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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Dmbook Pro is a communication platform for hotels, focusing on the internal organisation &
The application help hotels gain total control over their operations, avoid communication
mishaps and by doing so, save time, money and achieve excellent customer service. This
means simplifying the communication, regrouping everything in one place and changing the
way hotels traditionally operate.
We apply modern communication technologies and methods to the specific needs of hotels.
Dmbook Pro is completely bespoke for hotels and offers a unique set of features with
innovative working methods that ultimately saves time, improve cost efficiency and customer
In a few years, every hotel will be using a communication solution and Dmbook Pro will that
solution. So get on board today! There is no installation required and it’s extremely easy to
use. Try it for free on www.dmbookpro.ie! Use the promo code IHF when you sign-up to get
10% discount.
Contact Name: Bruno Lanvin
● Contact Email: bruno@dmbook.pro
● Contact Telephone Number: 087 902 7619
● Website : www.dmbookpro.ie


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