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  • July Management & Council Meetings
    22/07/2020 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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CS Consulting are GDPR consultants specifically focused in the hospitality sector. We are Certified Data Protection Practitioners and members of the Association of Data Protection Officers.

It is our experience that many hotels do not have adequate GDPR policies in place and that their front line staff, those most exposed to GDPR compliance issues, may not have adequate training / understanding of their GDPR responsibilities leaving the hotel exposed to GDPR compliance issues which can result in significant fines

CS consulting provide the following services

  • GDPR policy Review
  • Department specific, focused and cost efficient training for front line staff – those most exposed to GDPR breaches
  • Ongoing GDPR compliance support

If you believe that there may be gaps in your GDPR policies or Staff training, please contact us and we can arrange a review and identify the appropriate training needs and policy implementation required specifically for your hotel. 

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Sean Stokes
Phone: 086 814 6570





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