Gas Networks Ireland has developed a world-class natural gas infrastructure in Ireland consisting of a national transmission and distribution pipeline network of over 13,000km.  The transmission system is linked to UK and Continental gas markets through two sub-sea interconnector pipelines with Scotland.  The network serves 640,000 natural gas users in 153 population centres throughout the country.

Gas Networks Ireland is also responsible for new gas connections and for work on service pipes and meters at customers’ premises.  It manages a full 24-hour emergency response service and handles over 20,000 call-outs a year.  The business is expanding into new gas industry areas including natural gas vehicles, renewable gas and smart metering.  In 2010, Gas Networks Ireland had a turnover of €450m.

Natural Gas. Natural Choice.

Natural Gas is the most cost competitive of all the fossil fuels, with savings of up to 50% compared with oil and up to 60% compared with LPG. (Source: SEAI 2011)

Not only does Natural Gas deliver significant costs savings, but it can also improve the energy rating of your business. Natural Gas is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly fossil fuel around; it produces up to 25% less carbon dioxide than oil and up to 50% less than coal for the same energy output. Natural Gas is incredibly versatile too and so is ideal for the hotel industry. It can meet all your energy requirements for space heating, hot water, air conditioning and powering equipment. Natural Gas boilers and controls allow you to measure and control operating costs. Greater efficiency means faster heating and greater savings.

And when you make the switch from oil or LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) you gain another important benefit: extra space. Natural Gas is piped directly into your premises and so there is no need for bulky fuel tanks and storage areas. No storage also means less chance of theft and greater safety. By installing Natural Gas you’re also assured of a constant, uninterrupted supply with no need to order or schedule fuel deliveries. Supply of Natural Gas is not affected by severe weather conditions, as it is piped directly into your premises.


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