IHF Diary

  • July Management & Council Meetings
    22/07/2020 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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Glanta Hygiene Solutions are a proud Irish company. We are also the exclusive supplier of GLANTA 0.0 – an ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer that provides an accessible, quality alternative to the harsh alcohol based hand sanitizer solutions currently on the market. We offer sustainable products at hugely competitive prices and are committed to ensuring our business is here to help yours meet its duty of obligation to staff and customers alike.

At Glanta Hygiene Solutions we combine over 50 years experience in the hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors and are now delivering the safest and most cost effective hand hygiene solutions to our customers. And to their customers, families and friends. Please visit www.glanta.ie for further information.


Aiden Hynes

Email: aiden@glanta.ie

Mobile: 086 0423073

Website: www.glanta.ie




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