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  • July Management & Council Meetings
    22/07/2020 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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Ireland 2016 is the State Centenary Programme to remember 1916, to reflect on the Republic one hundred years on, and to re-imagine our future. 

It is a once in a century invitation to people of all ages, at home and overseas, to participate in a diverse range of historical, cultural and artistic activities, all designed to facilitate reflection, commemoration, celebration, debate and analysis, and an active re-imagining of our future.

The programme is built on seven strands: State Ceremonial, Historical Reflection, The Living Language (An Teanga Bheo), Historical Reflection, Youth and Imagination, Cultural Expression, Community Participation and Global and Diaspora.

The State Ceremonial events represent the formal and solemn marking of 1916 as the seminal event in our modern history which led to our independence.  A wide ranging programme of formal commemorative events has been developed, focusing on remembering and honouring those who took part in the Easter Rising, and especially those who gave their lives.

Historical Reflection includes a diverse range of projects and activities, focused on the events of 1916, designed to commemorate and broaden access to information about the Easter Rising, while encouraging historical interest at local community, school and academic level.  Eight capital projects are also being funded by the Government of Ireland as legacy projects to underpin this strand.  They include the GPO Interpretative Centre, a new exhibition and information centre at Richmond Barracks, the development of a Tenement Museum on Dublin’s Henrietta Street, the development of a cultural centre at Teach an Phiarsaigh in Rosmuc,  the refurbishment of Kilmainham Courthouse and Gaol, the expansion and development of the Military Archives and the restoration of the historic Kevin Barry Rooms at the National Concert Hall.

An Teanga Bheo (The Living Language) will focus on the role and importance of the Irish language and special initiatives include high profile events, on-learning resources, a digitisation programme, lectures, debates, seminars and arts events.

The Youth and Imagination aims to capture the hearts and minds of our young people so that they will have a better understanding of the events of 1916, as well as the stories of their own families, local towns and communities.

A sustained engagement with our cultural heritage, with the arts and with artists, is the core ambition of the Cultural Expression programme strand, which will include projects and partnerships with the National Cultural Institutions and other arts organisations throughout 2016.

Local communities across the island of Ireland, and including Irish communities abroad, are invited to participate in a range of programme events, at local level, as part of Ireland 2016.  The Community Participation strand is led by the Local Authority network, local sporting bodies and community organisations.

The global Irish family and friends of Ireland are also invited to be part of Ireland 2016 through an extensive Global and Diaspora programme strand.  Ireland’s diplomatic missions, together with Culture Ireland, will promote the best of Irish arts worldwide and will partner with local organisations, universities and communities to host major events, seminars, debates and conferences across the globe as part of Ireland 2016.

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