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Below is the re-assessment form for the Quality Employer Programme. This form needs to be completed in full every 2 years.

Section 1 - General Information
(Failte Ireland classification only)
Please give details
Section 2 - Recruitment and Selection
Please bear in mind Equality Legislation when compiling your personnel forms. Only questions appropriate and relevant to the position should be asked on the form.
Section 3 - Terms and Conditions of Employment
Please Comment
Section 4 - Rostering - Hours of Work - Record Keeping

In order to comply with Organisation of Working Time Act Record Keeping Regulations employers are obliged to maintain records of the days and total hours worked in each week by each employee. A record of any annual leave or public holidays taken and details of payment made in respect of this must also be kept.

If you do not have an electronic clocking facility an employer is obliged to ensure that all hours worked are signed for and verified by the employee. These documents must be made available should an inspector wish to see them.

Section 5 - Training and Development
How many staff have completed the following training programmes
(Best practice industry wide suggests 3% as the norm)
Section 6 - Performance Reviews
Section 7 - Employee Engagement
Section 8 - Grievance/Disciplinary/Bullying/Harassment Procedure
Section 9 - Staff Facilities
Please list
Section 10 - Exit Interviews
Section 11 - Any Additional Comments
Section 12 - Confidential Email

As the information you have submitted is confidential please enter an e-mail address for future correspondences regarding the QEP form

The Quality Employer Questionnaire is not intended as a statement of the law on any topic and any member with a particular query should contact the IHF at 01 – 4976459.
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