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  • IHF Annual Benevolent Fund Golf Day
    19/06/2023 - 12:00pm to 11:00pm
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The Responsible Serving of Alcohol Programme has re-opened bookings for classroom style training!

In response to demand, we have re-opened our classroom style (on-site) training as well as online training.  


RSA training is now 20 years in operation. We have certified over 30,000 hospitality staff and provided 1000’s of IHF members with an official Alcohol Policy document for display on the premises.


RSA takes account of changes in the Intoxicating Liquor Act as well as;


  • Handling Difficult Customers & Situations                          
  • Strength of Drinks, Effects on the body
  • Monitoring the Bar Area
  • Confidence Building
  • Acceptable Proof of Age – Test Purchasing
  • Personal liabilities; ‘Who is Responsible?’
  • Development of an Alcohol House Policy


Drug Awareness & Prevention covers the law pertaining to the misuse of drugs, ensuring that venues are totally compliant with current legislation, as well as giving them industry best practice guidelines. Headings include;

  • Recognising Signs of Drug Use
  • First Aid
  • Venue Supervision
  • Dealing with Drug Misuse/ Intervention
  • Liaison with Gardai
  • Legal Implications
  • Drugs Policy Development

All participants will receive a drugs policy document and certificate of completion. 


Workshops focus on development of policies and procedures surrounding the safe service of alcohol. A clearly written and visible policy document provides staff and guests with clear and consistent guidelines on your establishment's approach to responsible service. An Alcohol Policy can be used as evidence if a lawsuit occurs.

Training will improve staff morale, confidence and customer satisfaction. It will help to reduce any problems which may arise surrounding the service of alcohol.

Certification: Fully endorsed certification (training record)

On-line duration: 1 hour

On-site duration: 2.5 hours


For information and bookings please email mary@alcohol.ie or call Mary Kennedy on 086 1718641.



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