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Bunzl Rafferty Hospitality are widely recognised as the leader in personalised guest amenities within the hospitality sector in Ireland. At Bunzl Rafferty Hospitality, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to drive a sustainable change, through innovation and collaboration, enabling our business and customers to be environmentally aware. To us, sustainability is doing more with less.

So what have we done?

We have ensured that we can provide different sustainable options for our guest amenities such as PET bottles and doypacks. All PET bottles can be recycled allowing them to be used over and over again and doypacks can provide both savings on the actual cost of waste by 70% and reduce your carbon footprint by 68%.

By recently expanding our range of guest amenities, we now offer a wider range of dispensers, that provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional 30ml guest amenities. For more information on this please check our website for updates.

Additionally, we have reduced single use plastics within accessories range range such as using a paper band in place of the previous OPS bag for slippers, together with eco-friendy cornstarch laundry bags.

Bunzl Rafferty can now offer a full range of sustainable accessories including corn-starch shower caps, bamboo toothbrushes and straw combs to name a few. Please visit our website for more details.

In today’s climate the environment is more important than ever. When choosing products from us, rest assured you are purchasing from a company who are committed to protecting our global environment by using environmentally friendly formulations, highly recyclable packaging and ensuring our suppliers utilise “green” manufacturing processes.

Bunzl Rafferty Hospitality are committed to reducing our environmental footprint while maintaining the highest levels of excellence and provide new environmentally friendly products to suit all aspects of your business.

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