Take action to conserve water

Top tips from Irish Water
Quick returns on investment

Measures requiring some upfront investment

  • Urinals - Urinals traditionally flush every 10-15 minutes 24/7 even when the business is closed. One hotel used 25% of its water flushing urinals when the hotel was closed during a long term water shortage in the locality.

    / Sensors or waterless urinals
  • Taps - Two tap sinks with screw taps can dispense up to 15 litres of water per tap, per minute.

    / Mixer taps. It is good practice to install a lever tap and best practice to use sensors which could save up to 11 litres as they dispense a maximum of just 4 litres per minute.
  • Toilets - Old style toilets use up to 15 litres per flush whereas dual flushes use 4 to 6 litres per flush. An old 12 litre/flush toilet in use six times per hour replaced with a 4/6 litre dual flush toilet will save €1,000 per toilet per annum (Based on future average cost of water).

    / Install dual flush and do the ladies first as they are flushed after every use.
  • Showers - Showers can use up to 25 litres/min

    / Solution: Install a low flow shower from specialist suppliers – it mixes air with the water to give the impression of a greater volume and only uses a maximum of 10 litres/min.
  • Hoses - Cleaning with hoses, especially power hoses, uses a lot of water.

    / Use a spray unit on your hose pipes



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