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Self check-in solutions for hotels that are one step ahead.

This is where the future of hospitality begins. Be part of disrupting and redefining the way your hotel hosts and serves guests. Our 100% unmanned self service solutions empower daring hotel managers and decision-makers to step into the forefront of hospitality.

Experience the benefits of our market-leading products that save time, add value, increase revenue, and keep guests coming back for more. Join us in revolutionising the guest experience and discover why Arribatec Hospitality is the partner you can't afford to be without.

About us:

Arribatec Hospitality is based in Oslo (Norway) at the headquarters of Arribatec Group, a tech consulting company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with 1.700+ clients and operations across 30 countries.

We started our journey as Fácil back in 2016 with the idea of making hotels more efficient and reducing wait time for guests. The need for smarter check-in and check-out experiences at hotels quickly came to the forefront of the conversions we were having.

At this point we formed our mission; “leading the way to the future of hospitality”.

Press the fast-forward button with us.

Why choose Arribatec Hospitality?

  • 99.8% up time with market leading support
  • Interface tailored to your own branding
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Trigger points for upgrades & add-ons
  • Integrates with most PMS, door lock systems and payment services
  • Secure & compliant
  • Trusted advisor for daring hotels

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Alexander W. Ricther

0047 994 79 758

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