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It’s been nearly two decades since we began our journey as Classic Drinks – driven by a desire to pair great wine with top-class service for our customers.

And while so much has changed since then, we are still dedicated to supporting our customers in the Irish hospitality sector whose passion for great service is recognised throughout the world.

We do this through our incredible curated range of drinks – one that’s made up of more than 700 wines and 1,200 spirits, beers and ciders, and is growing all the time.

We do it by building close, personal relationships with our global network of producers, connecting our customers here in Ireland with access to the very best the world has to offer.

We do it through our sales team, who share their unrivalled knowledge through staff training, menu creation, event planning, online ordering and after-sales care – all so our customers can deliver the very best for their guests.

Ultimately, we do it by putting the customer experience first in everything we do.

In 2017, we joined forces with Sysco – leveraging their global network and world-class technologies to provide a next-generation level of customer service. All while retaining our personal touch, our boots-on-the-ground relationships, and the same team who made us who we are today.

At Classic Drinks, we’ve brewed up a storm, distilled what we do to a fine art, and aged like a fine wine along the way.

That’s because it’s never been a job to us.

It’s quite simply been a joy to serve.

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