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About Crotty Insurance

Crotty Insurance Brokers Ltd t/ a The Crotty Insurance Group are a leading Commercial Business-Insurance broking house providing Irish Businesses with cost-effective tailor-made insurance solutions and services. Our Directors have a combined insurance broking experience of over 100 years.

We provide Insurance Broking Services to our Customers throughout Ireland, and by utilising strategic Global Partnerships, we are capable of delivering worldwide insurance services. We specialise in particular business sectors providing our Customers with focused advice, keen quotations and the very best of cover protection for their business needs.

Our focus is on well-run, Owner-Managed businesses and our Clients span the following sectors:


  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Drinks Industry
  • Professions – Accountants, Architects, Engineers & Solicitors
  • Renewable Energy


Our Client Service proposition will ensure all of the following:


  • We obtain the most suitable Insurance Programme for you
  • We provide high quality, independent advice
  • We add value, through our people
  • We will always act in your best interest
  • We will utilise our market relations for our Client’s benefit
  • We will always be there for you should a claim arise


We understand that Claims Management is a Key area of concern for our clients. We step forward & become immersed in the Claim process along with our Client and the insurer, in order to ensure the most beneficial outcome is delivered for our Client. Our periodic Claims Management reviews will ensure that our client is appraised all the way to settlement of a claim and that there are no surprises when it comes to your policy renewal.


We hope to exceed your expectations in terms of Service, Cover Optimisation & Cost Savings.


Contact details

Graham Devine

01 290 8800

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