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‘The greater effort that has made by a data controller in mitigating and reducing any risk, by its policies, procedures and training then the greater the possibility that any potential harm caused by a breach has been significantly reduced, and the lesser chance of a Fine or enforcement action, occurring from this office’. Irish Data Protection Commission

CS - Consulting’s approach has been to work closely with the Data Protection Commissions (DPC), with whom we have a good working relationship. We understand their expectations specifically of the Hotel industry and we include this in the services we provide.

  • Review and Redesign of Policies and Procedures: We review and redesign policies and procedures for our client hotels in a hotel specific manner using examples of GDPR issues /questions that have arisen over the years in hotels with the DPC’s clarifications which does allow a greater understanding of GDPR for your teams.
  • Training: The DPC expectations are that all staff are GDPR trained and have suggested that regular /annual training should also take place as GDPR is an evolving issue as circumstances change/ staff turnover etc.
  • GDPR ongoing support: It is our experience that when teams know that there is GDPR support available to them, when queries arise, they will contact us for clarification. This results in the teams getting a better understanding of GDPR themselves as the queries are specific to what they are doing each day. The greater the teams understanding of their GDPR responsibilities the more protected the hotel is from breaches.
  • Specific Supports: Dealing with breaches, subject access requests, personal claims made against the hotel for data breaches. As you are aware the hospitality Industry must deal with a claims culture and a worrying trend we are seeing more and more of, is people using alleged breaches of GDPR to try to secure financial compensation from hotels. We provide GDPR support for our clients in this regard.
  • HR Services: We provide any and all of the following services to our clients: Visa Applications, Contract Design, Fully Detailed Employee Handbook, Job Descriptions, Performance Reviews, Training, Sourcing New Staff.

Free consultation: For a free consultation to discuss your potential GDPR policy and training requirements, please contact us below.

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