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Flogas Ireland supplies LPG, natural gas, 100% renewable electricity and solar to the hotel and hospitality sector nationwide, supporting its journey towards a greener future. We go beyond simply managing and accommodating your energy needs. We can create and implement a turnkey energy solution specific to your business that now includes renewable energy technologies. We also provide energy monitoring and financial support for energy efficiency upgrades.

Make your business more sustainable by generating your own clean energy on your site with Solar PV Panels from Flogas, reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint. We provide a full turnkey solution for photovoltaic electricity generation solar panels. As experts in renewable energy sources, we would begin by assessing your total energy requirements and then designing a renewable energy system to maximise your on-site generation.

We also offer an internationally verified carbon offsetting solution to our customers, which is recognised worldwide as a way of managing carbon emissions. For a minimal fee, Flogas will purchase carbon credits on behalf of participating customers, investing in sustainable global projects that either reduce or capture an equivalent amount of carbon emissions.

The projects in which Flogas invests adhere to internationally recognised gold standards and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) criteria. Many hospitality clients have signed up to the initiative as part of their sustainability journey.


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