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As a global leader in cash technology solutions we help Hotels automate their cash processes to increase efficiency, enhance security and release staff to focus on the experience they deliver. Understanding each customer’s specific challenges allows us to design custom solutions that deliver real improvements in business performance.

Glory’s solutions help over 300 hotels globally from smaller independents to large international brands. Have you ever considered a different option to manual cash handling and processing and the positive impact it would have on guest experience, and the operational efficiency of your hotel?

By leveraging cash automation technology for payment processing, Hotels can give their full attention to their guests and focus on the customer experience.

GLORY’s CASHINFINITY™ cash recycling solutions automate the cash processes across your entire business in the back office and front office, whether that be in the cashier room, at your check-in desk or your bar and restaurant enabling you to:

  • REDUCE shrinkage and improve security
  • INCREASE staff productivity
  • REDUCE reconciliation and investigation time
  • REDEPLOY experienced key staff members to higher value tasks
  • REDUCE cash-in-transit costs
  • ENHANCE guest experience
Marriott International CASHINFINITY™ Case Study
Leverage Cash Automation Technology - A Quick Guide

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