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The Green Hospitality Awards Programme has been the Irish Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Resource for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism for the past 20 years. GHP provides best practice environmental and sustainability management advice and support to the sector which delivers cost reductions and 3rd Party Environmental and Sustainability Certification - an increasing requirement from stakeholders.

GHP criteria are based on Internationally Recognised criteria – including the EU EcoLabel & Global Sustainable Council Criteria (GSTC) – and actively supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2023 GHP secured GSTC Recognition for our Platinum Award and our world class benchmarking tools use the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Methodologies.

GHP sets the standard for Best Practice environmental and sustainable practices for hotels and guesthouses and our awards are recognised as 3rd party awards by major booking engines and international sustainability databases and organisations.

Our Services include:

  • Green Hospitality Awards – 3rd Party Environmental Certification and GSTC Recognised Sustainability Award
  • Training – Green Leader and Employee Induction
  • Resource Efficiency Support – Energy, water, waste management and cost reductions
  • Carbon Footprinting Certification – Scope 1, 2 & 3 and Carbon Neutral12 GREENMark
  • Environmental KPI’s – to support RFP bids & quotations
  • Promotion –
  • Responsible Suppliers

We pride ourselves on offering independent advice and a deep insight into the challenges facing the hospitality sector and bring c. 40 years’ experience of the hospitality sector. Our approach is to identify what the business needs and support those targets, whilst providing best practice advice.

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