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Enhance your hotel experience with IMRO's Dual Music License, a key that opens the door to a world of possibilities in hospitality. To stand-out from competitors and create an unforgettable guest experience, incorporating music becomes a powerful element with significant impact. Explore the transformative advantages of integrating music into your hotel and understand why you should secure a Dual Music License from IMRO.

Picture setting the perfect mood in your lobby or bar, immersing guests in a symphony of soothing melodies and vibrant soundtracks. Music transforms into a narrative that seamlessly aligns with your brand, elevating the overall guest experience. With the right music, you can construct a narrative that captivates guests from the moment they enter, leaving a lasting impression.

Beyond aesthetics, music becomes a strategic investment in your hotel's brand identity. It reinforces your values, establishing a unique atmosphere that guests connect with, making your hotel more memorable and shareable. Elevate guest satisfaction, foster loyalty, and cultivate an environment where the soundtrack becomes synonymous with exceptional service.

The Dual Music License ensures compliance, supporting artists while granting legal rights to play an extensive repertoire of both local and international music. Elevate your hotel's ambiance, engage your guests, and unlock the harmony that sets your hotel apart as a destination where every note contributes to an unparalleled experience.

About IMRO:

IMRO manages performing rights for copyright music in Ireland, representing songwriters, composers, and music publishers. Additionally, it acts as an agent for Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI), collecting performance royalties for record producers and performers.

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