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Little Hotelier is the leading multi-award winning all-in-one hotel management system for small properties like yours. We offer you access to the world's most powerful distribution capabilities to increase your revenue, while also centralising your guest management, payments, communication, pricing and data all in one place to give you more control over your day-to-day operations.

With us, you’ll get… More Control. More Revenue. More Support.

Your Little Hotelier solution includes a range of features in one place, with one log-in:

  • Front Desk - Your central calendar and daily operations hub
  • Channel Manager - Your tool to manage all your booking channels (e.g. in one place
  • Direct Booking webpage - A webpage to take bookings directly on your website or social media
  • Insights - Dashboards on how to price and promote your property
  • Guest Engagement - A professional guest communication platform
  • Mobile app - Access to manage your property and guests from your phone
  • Payments - A payment processor to take guest payments securely and easily on-or-offline
  • Hotel Metasearch - A service to drive more direct bookings to your website through metasearch channels
  • Website - A professional hotel website without any development or hosting fees

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