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Nutritics is the leading provider of recipe development and menu management software to the food industry. Their user-friendly software allows for ease of compliance with food law, optimal menu management and publishing and facilitates a direct link of food information between suppliers, operators and customers.

Founded in Ireland in 2013, Nutritics has grown organically to now serve over 10,000 food businesses in 100+ countries. It is the only software solution globally to be independently accredited by EUROFIR for accuracy in recipe calculation methods.

The software provides a complete menu management system including:

  • Direct link with suppliers to share food information
  • Food labelling design, cost management, waste management, automated allergen & nutrition calculation, menu engineering
  • Customer & online ordering, customisable digital menu publishing and food label printing
  • Automated carbon emission and water usage analysis, management and reporting solution

In 2022 Nutritics launched Foodprint a fully automated carbon footprint scoring system for foodservice and hospitality businesses. Foodprint provides businesses with an innovative solution to understand, manage and report on the carbon footprint of their food purchases, how it is trending over time and how changes are affecting the environment. The system fully supports and automates non financial Scope 3 ESG reporting requirements. Alongside this, food service businesses can use Foodprint technology to add a carbon footprint score to packaging, dishes and promotional materials and communicate this with customers and clients.

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