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Oracle Hospitality is a leading supplier of software applications & hardware for the needs of many prominent hotels. Our solutions empower staff and enhance guest engagements across Ireland, and in over 180 countries, combining our industry knowledge & expertise within the industry applications to deliver to your business. We provide cloud-based solutions that help streamline operations, deliver efficiencies, ensuring that hoteliers can focus on the delivery of hospitality.

With our experienced sales team to assist with your questions and an EMEA support centre in Galway, we know the Irish market place. Oracle Hospitality provide solutions for Ireland’s home grown international hotel brands, as well as hundreds of independent hotels and resorts across the country, our solution can be tailored to fit all businesses.

Oracle Hospitality provides PMS, Sales & Events, Distribution, Reporting and Analytics, to run the engine of your hotel strategies, when combined with our F&B POS software and hardware, it creates the full complement of best in class software solutions and business intelligence for your hotel, allowing your business to focus on creating truly memorable guest experiences.

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Tom McPherson

01 803 9110 / 087 050 6972

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