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PictionUs is a wedding photography app dedicated to helping the hotel sector across Ireland. We have partnered with some of the best known hotels in the country and helped improve their bottom line. Our service can be integrated into your hotel wedding packages in a matter of minutes. Our dedicated team is on hand 24/7 to help with technical support and ensure our service is integrated seamlessly into your hotel. There is no sign on fee and you only pay us when a couple wants to use our service. Contact us for more details if you feel it is something that could be a fit for your hotel.

"It really is a simple idea and brides and grooms are really enjoying it, the discounted price we buy at really adds value to our overall package. This is what we are looking for as an add on for our packages." Ted Robinson, Barberstown Castle.

The PictionUs experience consists of the bride and groom getting a digital wedding album through the app, a unique QR code is emailed to the property which is printed out and put on the tables. The guests then scan the QR code on the day and get added to the album where everyone can share their photos and videos. It provides a fun, easy and simple way for guests to capture all their photos in one place. At PictionUs we all remember the disposable cameras on the tables at weddings we have been to, this is just the next step on from that.

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We offer a 40% discount for every IHF Member on our sale price which creates up to 500 euro value on every wedding package your hotel sells.

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