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Track and Eliminate Food Waste with Positive Carbon

With our data and people, we empower hotels to make their operations more profitable and sustainably driven. Leading hotels across Ireland are saving thousands of euros and cutting carbon emissions with our support. So, how are they doing this?

Innovative technology providing a measurable impact

Our cutting-edge food waste monitoring system offers real-time visibility into every food item discarded, enabling waste prevention strategies. By harnessing data analytics, hotels gain comprehensive insights to:

  • Calculate cost savings
  • Calculate CO2 emissions
  • Pinpoint high waste time-periods and products
  • Increase kitchen operational efficiency

Tailored solutions developed with expert support

We don't just provide technology; we offer dedicated support and tailored solutions to fit your hotel's unique needs. Our experienced team collaborates closely with your staff to implement effective waste reduction strategies, ensuring sustainable practices become ingrained in your operations.

Join the Movement

Empower your hotel with Positive Carbon to reduce costs and contribute to a greener future. Take the first step towards waste reduction excellence and schedule a consultation today. Let's make your hotel a leader in sustainability and profitability, together.

The Grand Hotel - Customer Case Study


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