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A growing number of the world's leading hotels and resorts are choosing Prommt to enable them to collect reservation and event payments faster, easier and more cost effectively.

We replace the need to take payments over the phone with secure, branded payment requests that can be easily sent by email, SMS or via a chat link. Our API can be integrated to your website for online payments.

Key Benefits:

  • We solve compliance headaches - we ensure compliance with PCI, GDPR and other regulations, ensuring no mishandling of sensitive card data.
  • We help reduce chargebacks, card fraud, payment operations and time spent chasing payments.
  • Our payment requests reflect the hotel's brand identity throughout the payment journey to enhance guest experience and trust.
  • Prommt is also integrated to Oracle's OPERA 5 and OPERA Cloud PMS, making the payment collection process seamless for sender and payer.

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Stephen Culligan, VP Product - Why Hotels Choose Prommt


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