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What is Rory’s Travel Club?

Rory’s Travel Club was established with the aim of igniting the wanderlust in our members while helping them save along the journey. Collaborating with various partners, including hotels, travel agencies, and more, we secure exclusive offers for our members, ranging from discounted stays, hotel packages to comprehensive package holidays. Additionally, we organise group trips both within Ireland and abroad, bringing together around 50 of our members on each adventure.

Who are the RTC Members?

With a membership exceeding 120,000, Rory’s Travel Club comprises individuals from all corners of Ireland, representing solo travellers, families, friends, and more, all keen on exploring destinations both domestically and internationally. Our diverse membership spans various backgrounds and age groups, from early 20s to late 60s, united by a shared passion for travel and a desire to maximise value without compromising quality.

What are the benefits of being an RTC Accommodation Partner?

Becoming an RTC Accommodation Partner entails several enticing advantages.

No Fees/Commission - There's no cost involved, as we don't charge sign-up, cancellation, or association fees. We simply request that partners offer attractive deals to our members while ensuring they remain financially viable.

Promotion - Our extensive promotional reach extends to our 120K strong membership base, with featured offers showcased in our weekly emails and across our social media platforms, boasting a collective audience of 500,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Our dynamic content team produces engaging videos and posts to enhance visibility.

Quiet Nights - We assist accommodations in optimizing their occupancy rates, particularly during off-peak periods but also through the high-season. This could involve running targeted offers or organizing group trips if the room availability is sufficient.

Some examples of offers we’ve sent to members:

How do you become an RTC Accommodation Partner?

Becoming an RTC Accommodation Partner is a streamlined process. Simply reach out to us via email or phone to discuss potential offers. Once an offer is agreed upon and how our members can book is confirmed then we just require high-quality images to feature as part of the promotion. Once we have that we can feature the offer in the next email to our members and they can book straight away.

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