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For over 23 years SMRI has been providing cost saving solutions to its clients with regard to their IMRO, PPI & Sky charges, which for many hotels can be a significant cost. To date we have saved our clients in excess of 4 million euros.

Part of your IMRO terms and conditions state that unless they are advised of any changes to your music use within 30 days of the issuing of your renewal invoice for background music and within 13 months for featured music (Live music, DJ, weddings, etc.) no retrospective adjustments will be made.

It is our experience that music use in hotels changes every year and unless your IMRO charges are reviewed annually you maybe paying for music that you didn’t in fact use.

SMRI will review your music use and ensure you are only paying for the music you actually use.

More Cost Savings: SMRI & Soundreef collaborate to provide IHF members with fully licensed quality music resulting in 50% net savings on your current IMRO & PPI background music rights costs.

This can result in annual savings of between €1,000 to €2,500. As IMRO charges, for the areas where Soundreef is exclusively used, will no longer apply.

Try it for FREE - you can try our service for free for the first month and cancel at any time during that month with no obligation.

In the case of Sky, we will ensure you are on the most cost-effective contract as a number of hotels we have reviewed were on a more expensive contract.

Exclusive IHF Member Offer: Contact us for a free consultation to discuss our services in more detail.

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