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A Table Reservation system for Hotels

TablePath is the only Table Reservation system designed to meet the needs of hotels! Our purpose is to take the complexity out of table reservations for hoteliers and their guests. Specifically, we want:

  • …a hotel resident to be able to easily add a table reservation to their hotel stay.
  • …the hotelier to be able to distinguish between and provide a tailored service for residents and non-residents.
  • …hotel staff to have all the information and capability at their fingertips so they can concentrate on providing a wonderful experience for the guest.

By doing this, we will save time, reduce hassle, and improve the experience for everyone!

Exclusive IHF Member Offer:

IHF Members who quote IHF2024 will get a 20% discount on their first-year subscription fees!

PMS Integration is the key!

We integrate with all leading PMS systems in the Irish market to link room bookings with dining (or activity) bookings. The integration capabilities include:

  • Booking Simplicity: Guest details are collected automatically when adding a reservation, making the process super simple and fast.
  • Synchronisation: Changes made in your PMS are automatically synchronised with TablePath and vice-versa.
  • Automatic Workflow: If a hotel booking is cancelled or modified, any related TablePath bookings will be edited automatically.
  • Hotel View: F&B staff have visibility of in-house guests and their associated room rate ensuring the right service can be provided.

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We are a Cork-based company founded in 2014 and we work with over one hundred leading hotels in Ireland. If you want to know how TablePath can deliver a better table reservations experience, please contact us today!

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