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Vamoos delivers a bespoke digital concierge app that elevates your guest's experience and drives service. It puts the entire experience at the guest's fingertips, including features such as messaging, notifications, integrated maps whilst encouraging up-selling opportunities. Designed to encourage rebooking and save properties time and money, it transforms some of the mundane everyday tasks.

What sets Vamoos app apart?

It started as an app for luxury travel companies who use Vamoos to set up stunning holiday itineraries. For hotels, it means that now not only do you get a highly customisable, informative and visually engaging app for your property but also access to a 300+ luxury travel company network.

Our unrivalled focus on a visual guest experience, builds guest excitement before, during and after stay. We strive for guests to start experiencing their stay as soon as they book.

Our second mission is to ensure our products cut costs and drive revenue. We do not charge for content changes on the app, our support is free of charge and we answer every single query. This means that the Vamoos app can significantly cut your paper, printing, phone system and staff costs.

The Griffin Group, who own 3 hotels in Ireland, built their apps and started sharing it with their guests within a day for each hotel. CEO Michael Griffin said, “the day after we showed interest we were given a demo, so I knew if the app could be constructed that quickly, then once I got my hands on the software I could turn it around in time for reopening”.

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Indre Nagyte / Georgia Wells

0044 203 474 0512

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