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Vamoos is the app for hotels and villas. It allows you to connect with your guests and provide all the information they need to transform their stay – from the moment they book until after they leave.

Vamoos has over 25 different features which helps you transform your guest experiences, from 24/7 messaging to fully bookable services at the touch of a button.

Your Contactless Guest App, Ready the Same Day

Vamoos, the app for hotels, ensures you make guest visits as magical as before, with new levels of safety. Your contactless app can be set up and shared with guests the same day, and includes all directory information, instant messaging, restaurant booking links, and so much more.

The Griffin Group, who own 3 hotels in Ireland, built their apps in just a day for each hotel and are already sharing it with their guests. CEO Michael Griffin said, “the day after we showed interest we were given a demo, so I knew if the app could be constructed that quickly, then once I got my hands on the software I could turn it around in time for reopening”. See the full story HERE.

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