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WrkWrk is changing the world of hospitality staffing one shift at a time. We provide experienced, interviewed, reference checked and trained temp staff to over 2000 hospitality venues all over Ireland through our amazing app.

Our service offers a safety net for our clients when you need it, we are a workforce in your pocket that you can use when you need and ignore when you don’t. With as little as 4 hours (often less than that) we can supply your staff (Wrkstars) for your next event. They will check in and out via GPS and it is as simple as that!

How it works:

  1. Drop us an email to and Vanessa will come back to you
  2. Download the app from your app store and create your profile
  3. Make your first booking – you can provide all details here - entry, expectations, uniform, grooming etc
  4. Watch your shift filling in real time and view your staff
  5. Your Wrkstars show up when you requested them and because they are all experienced, they hit the ground running.
  6. Verify your Wrkstar hours

Our Wrkstars are typically found in the following roles:

  • Bar staff
  • Wait staff
  • Floor staff
  • Reception & FOH
  • Kitchen Porters
  • Accommodation Assistants
  • Night Porters
  • Mixologists
  • Baristas
  • Supervisors

Our app allows you to:

  • Browse and book staff 24/7
  • Create a favourites list (so you can get the same Wrkstars for future shifts)
  • Message your booked staff
  • Share information with your team
  • Assign points of contact
  • Cancel your shift
  • See your shift history
  • Review your staff after a shift
  • Verify all worked hours

Click Here - Download our handout for more info

For FAQs please see our Client page here.

Contact details

Viv Crowley

089 208 5248

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