/sites/default/files/upload/invitation_to_employers_spain_eojd_onsite_and_online.pdfACTION NEEDED NOW FOR SHANNON SAY HOTELIERS

The Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) today voiced its support of the separation of Shannon Airport and DAA but believes that this split must happen sooner rather than later. Michael Vaughan, the President of the IHF, believes that the independence of Shannon from DAA, announced in May, still holds the potential of marking a new era of opportunity for the region and can act as a significant tourism hub for the West coast of Ireland. 

Mr. Vaughan states that tourism businesses on the ground have long supported the need for an independent Shannon airport and the new framework with Shannon Development was supposed to leverage tourism and enterprise interests all working with a single vision for the region, but to no avail. 

“As a region we are very worried about the dramatic fall in passenger numbers to the airport, which has had a detrimental knock on effect to tourism businesses in the area. Such a momentous decision was believed to be the catalyst that would energise the region and in particular tourism marketing policies. Nothing has materialised.”

“It is vitally important that the separation of Shannon Airport from DAA is accelerated as it had been envisaged to ensure that proper promotion of the West of Ireland as a credible holiday destination is put in place ahead of the 2013 season. In light of The Gathering event it is fundamental that all possible new routes to the area are developed. Enormous potential exists to promote Shannon as a vibrant holiday destination abroad, however, action is required now,” says Mr Vaughan. The IHF added that a more autonomous role for Shannon Airport coupled with a new commercially focused and integrated approach for the Shannon region should ensure more new air routes being identified. 

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