Business Online & SME Premium Insights from Electric Ireland

1,000 businesses a day benefit from Electric Ireland’s Business Online service helping manage their energy information

1,000 businesses a day benefit from Electric Ireland’s Business Online service helping manage their energy information


IMS | Introducing PEN - a game-changer for the hospitality industry

Enabling hotel guests to connect devices and share content as they would on their home network

McSport | Sports and fitness equipment services for hotels

Download our brochure for our full range of turnkey services from conception to completion

Guide to choosing the right PMS for your property - a helpful checklist

Features and functionalities to look for when seeking a best in breed solution

Is your hotel paying too much for Music fees & Sky contracts?

SMRI - Free consultation on refunds & credits available from IMRO and Sky

Agility Hospitality – LEAN opportunity assessment for hotels

How effective & efficient are the operational processes in your hotel?

Hugh Jordan | Hotel Reopening & Outdoor Dining Brochures

Ensuring the very best dining experience for your guests this year

FREE NOW announces partnership with Irish Wheelchair Association

Contributing €40,000 in funds to IWA to kick start fundraising

Update on Credit Notes and Restart of IMRO & PPI Invoicing

IMRO & PPI music rights update for hotels and guesthouses

National Burger Day 2021 - Save the Date: August 12th

We are on the hunt for Ireland's best burger in a hotel, are you it?

Hoist - Hotel Digital Transformation Audit Model

A free, easy-to-use model for auditing how digitally transformed your hotel is

Gift House | Helping Hotels Increase Brand Visibility & Sales

Share your product offering on our platform free of charge for the first year

Flipdish | Digital Ordering System for Hotels - Special Introductory Offer

Start your journey to online ordering growth with Flipdish

Compton Solicitors - Reopening and Operating Your Hospitality Business

Practical guide covering a wider range of important developments and legal guidance relevant to hotels

Net Affinity Blog - Expert takes on current trends & developments

Everything you need to know about working in hotel and revenue management, digital marketing and sales

Check out these free resources for small hotels and guesthouses

Insights from Little Hotelier to help you increase bookings, reduce costs and learn more about hotel tech

The very latest hotel trends, tips, and best practices from the experts

D-EDGE launches 'd-isplay' - hotels insights platform with complimentary on-demand content for hoteliers

How can hotels get 'Lean' in 2021?

Short Video: Delivering increased levels of guest satisfaction, empowering team members and improving your bottom line (13min)

Introducing MyDiageo - helping hotels get ready this summer

One-stop-shop for everything your hotel needs, from ordering stock online to increasing sales & growing your business.

Top Tips for Hotel Energy Efficiency from Electric Ireland

Be part of the change at electricireland.ie - check out these top tips for greater energy efficiency within your hotel

Emerging stronger together - Diageo Insights Video

Short Video: Key insights looking at hospitality market trends, consumers attitudes, events and occassions (7min)

Achieve significant reductions in your hotel energy costs

€55,000 in savings for hotel client over 24 month period through bill restructuring and rate negotiation on electricity

Creating the perfect drinks experience - Coca-Cola HBC Ireland

Check out some of our 'Perfect Serve' videos below for some bitesize inspiration

How smart messaging can satisfy pent-up demand - Guestline

Staycation and domestic markets - boosting guest confidence with smart and dynamic messaging online

Virtual & hybrid event trends - looking to the future with IMS

Allowing those taking part to meet in person but also communicate with those who cannot be there in person

Five must-haves for a luxury hotel bathroom experience

If you’re aiming to attract the guest who is looking for a luxury stay here are a few considerations that will help your hotel stand out from the crowd.

Is your hotel paying too much for Sky? Get a free consultation

SMRI have reviewed many hotels Sky charges, and changing contracts can result in annual savings of more than €4,000 in some cases - find out more

Snapfix Hotel Maintenance Solution - Free Usage Until You Re-open

Get immediate access Snapfix's platform and see why over 100 Irish hotels are using Snapfix to get things done

Emerging from lockdown and planning to reopen

Practical steps to take as you look to boost resilience and recovery in your business

Free Sample Pack & Dedicated Hotel Website 

New dedicated website for hotels - Hassle-free Print, Graphic Design & Digital Marketing

Fifty Shades Greener “Green Business” program

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save your business money at the same time?

Key steps to reopening Ireland's hospitality sector - Bank of Ireland

Steps firms in the Irish hospitality sector need to consider as they prepare to roll out the red carpet and welcome guests

Top management tips for small hotels and guesthouses

Insights from Little Hotelier to help you run your property better with more confidence and peace of mind

Serving up a Greener Energy Future to Hospitality

Flogas offers several energy solutions to help hospitality stay on track towards a greener future

IHF Innovation Series in association with Electric Ireland

Exploring the many ways hotels are innovating their product and guest experience in response to evolving customer expectations

Email Marketing: Capture and Retain the Staycation market

Staycations are trending! Short & long-term opportunities to generate revenue and drive loyalty with those guests.

A Masterclass in Digital Content from Net Affinity

Looking at different ways to refine your tone and streamline your content across your website, blog and on social media

Post-COVID hotel payments processing - top criteria to consider

Hoteliers should consider payment processes as important as room availability, rates and inventory - expert insights from Guestline



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