/sites/default/files/upload/qep_entry_form_2022.pdfIn association with the Irish Hotels Federation, AIB today published an industry report examining the critical role played by the hotels sector in Ireland’s tourism industry. The research, which was carried out by Amárach Research, looks at the outlook over the coming years, the challenges facing the industry, the opportunities for business growth and the measures hoteliers are likely to adopt to improving their business. 

Some of the key survey findings: 

• 54% of hotels saw turnover increase in 2012 with 26% saying it had decreased. 

• 67% of Irish hotels expect the tourism industry to improve within the next three years. 

• 71% of hotels also expect their own business to improve within the same time frame. 

• 55% of hotels say they will improve and grow their businesses over the next three years. 

• 54% of hoteliers do not currently have a succession plan in place for their business. 

• Guest profiles are changing - hoteliers reporting an increase in the number of couples, over 55s and domestic tourists. 

• Online bookings now account for 56% of all bookings with just 31% of bookings made over the phone. 

The report demonstrates the vital role banks have to play in supporting hoteliers and guesthouse owners, who require on-going access to credit to run their day-to-day businesses, manage cashflow and invest in product upgrades and refurbishment. Banks also have an important role to play in supporting viable hotels seeking to restructure and refinance loans. We welcome AIB’s commitment to engaging in this process. 

The full report can found HERE

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