Irish Tourist Assistance Service, ITAS
helping tourist victims of crime and other traumatic incidents

The Irish Tourist Assistance Service, ITAS, provides immediate support and assistance, seven days a week, to international visitors to the country who become victims of crime and other traumatic incidents. The service, operating for 25 years has assisted 17,000 tourists from 110 countries and has built up a wealth of knowledge and contacts within the industry allowing the Service to offer comprehensive support.

Falling victim to crime while abroad is traumatic and tourists can be quite vulnerable. Immediate intervention is critical due to tourists specific needs and challenges.

ITAS key strengths include:

  • Direct contact with embassy consular personnel to issue emergency travel documents

  • Direct contact with airline personnel who can make immediate decisions regarding travel. 

  • Assist with the cancellation of bank/credit cards

  • Arrange money transfers 

  • Mediate with various other relevant third parties 

In emergency situations ITAS may also be in a position to provide: 

  • Accommodation 

  • Meals 

  • Transport 

  • Retail vouchers 

The Service operates seven days a week from Pearse Street Garda Station, Dublin 2, offering face to face support and assistance over the phone.

Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday                                 10am-6pm
Sundays and National Holidays            12pm-6pm

Tel: 01-666 9354 or 1890 365 700

If you become aware of a tourist in need of support, please phone or direct them to ITAS.

If you would like a display box of our Safety Tips for Tourists Guide, please contact the office or Download ITAS’s Safety Tips for Tourists here






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