The Irish Tourist Assistance Service, ITAS, which assists international visitors to Ireland who become victims of crime has launched its newly designed website, www.itas.ie. The new design is contemporary, visually engaging and responsive across all devices. Information includes assistance provided by ITAS, safety tips, victims’ rights and a frequently asked questions section. Also featured on the site is a short promotional video which can be downloaded HERE.


Commenting on the launch Lisa Kennedy, Chief Executive of ITAS said that “demand for support offered by ITAS was at its highest level in 2017, with a 24% increase in the number of visitors to Ireland seeking assistance in the aftermath of crime and other traumatic events. We feel it is important that those working in the industry are aware of the services available to tourists who may need support and the website is a good way to promote our service”.  


ITAS offered assistance to nearly 900 people who fell victim to crime and other traumatic events during their visit to Ireland in 2017. The most common crime perpetrated against tourists was theft from person. There was an increase in referrals of theft from cars while a small number of tourists were referred after violent crimes which included aggravated theft, assault, sexual assault and robbery.


There was also an increase of on-line fraud cases with tourists paying large deposits for accommodation, only to arrive and find that fraudsters had taken online payment for accommodation which they did not own and even for properties which did not exist.


Over 40% of tourist crimes occurred on the streets of Dublin City Centre. Crimes also occurred when tourists were sightseeing, shopping and socialising. The majority of crimes took place between the hours of 2-6pm in the capital, with victims tending to be female aged between 17-25 years. ITAS assisted tourists from 48 countries around the world with German nationals making up the largest category assisted. This was followed by French, American, Italian, British and Spanish tourists. 88% of tourists assisted by ITAS continued with their holiday plans.


ITAS supports visitors to:

  • Access emergency travel documents
  • Re-schedule travel plans
  • Cancel bank cards
  • Arrange money transfers
  • Contact family and relevant services such as banks and insurance companies

They also support victims to access a range of complimentary services in emergency cases provided through the good will of the tourism and hospitality industry including:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Retail vouchers


If you come across visitors in need of support, please inform them of ITAS. The office is open 7days a week in Pearse Street Garda Station and can be contacted on 01-666 9354/1890 365 700; info@itas.ie, www.itas.ie.”


Contact the office for Safety Tips for Tourists Guide or

Safety Tips for Tourists …Download


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