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  • July Management & Council Meetings
    22/07/2020 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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The Irish Tourist Assistance Service, ITAS, provides immediate support and assistance to visitors to the country who become victims of crime seven days a week and last year assisted over 800 tourist victims of crime from 45 countries across the world.

This year, the service will once again be open seven days a week and will operate their lo-call Helpline – 1890 365 700.

As the service embarks on the 2016 season, Chief Executive, Lisa Kennedy said -

Tourist crime victims often face many additional issues such as language barriers, culture shock, and lack of access to support structures. Here at ITAS we try to alleviate these issues and minimise visitor’s emotional and financial consequences so that tourists can continue with their holiday and leave Ireland with a positive experience.

“ITAS has operated for 22 years and in that time has assisted over 14,000 tourists from 50 different countries. On average 9 out of every 10 tourists who received assistance from the service continue with their holiday plans – which is an excellent indicator of the positive role the service plays in managing negative experiences.” 

ITAS provides a comprehensive service that supports visitors to:

·        Access emergency travel documents

·        Re-schedule travel plans

·        Cancel bank cards

·        Arrange money transfers

·        Contact family and relevant services such as banks and insurance companies

They also support victims to access a range of complimentary services in emergency cases including:

·        GP services

·        Accommodation

·        Meals

·        Transport

·        Retail vouchers

Ms Kennedy continued –

“If you have visitors in need of support make sure to refer them to ITAS. The office is open 7days a week and can be contacted on 1890 365 700; 01-661 0562 info@itas.ie, www.itas.ie.”

Download ITAS’s Safety Tips for Tourists here

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