Staying Connected Comes Top of the List for Guests


  1. Over 90% of Irish Hotels Offer free Wifi Access to Guests
  2. 83% of hoteliers have invested in Wifi services over the last 12 months
  3. Almost half plan to invest in Wifi services over the next 12 months


Tuesday, 24th February 2015: Access to complimentary, high-quality Wifi now comes top of the list of services most holidaymakers look for before booking their hotel accommodation. New research by the Irish Hotels Federation shows hotels and guesthouses in Ireland are leading the way in helping guests stay connected by offering free access to reliable and secure Wifi. Over 90 per cent of hotels surveyed state they offer free Wifi to their guests.


IHF President Stephen McNally told over 500 delegates at its Annual Conference today that Irish hotels stand out from their competitors throughout Europe, where the business model for accommodation frequently involves charging guests for Internet access.


The survey also highlights that some 8 out of 10 (83 per cent) hoteliers have upgraded and made additional investment to enhance their Wifi offering over the last twelve months with almost half suggesting they will be further investing in the coming year.


According to Stephen McNally, President, IHF  the importance of access to secure, reliable, steady and fast Wifi services is a must for guests. "We know that steady, fast, secure and reliable Wifi is now as important to our guests than having access to a television in their room.  Irish hoteliers are very cognisant of adapting and being a step ahead of customer needs so that we can offer new services to take account of our guests' changing needs. We would be way ahead of the curve internationally where guests are charged on a per night basis for Wifi services.


"In today's world our average guest has at least two devices on arrival which include laptops, powerful smartphone with expanded Internet browsing capabilities, tablet computers, gaming device. We need to cater for our guests and all these devices demand that we need to provide extensive bandwidth to ensure speed and best service for our guests.


The future is exciting but can be challenging for those hoteliers not keeping up with the changes in what our guests want in relation to technology - video on demand services and high-definition, flat screen televisions are the general expectation for guests.  Hotels at the cutting edge are looking at how to enhance convenience and comfort through technology and down the road we will increasingly see mobile check in, mobile apps all playing a part in booking for our hotels.





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*Survey based on responses owners and general managers of hotel and guesthouse businesses across the country and conducted during February 2015.



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