Property Name: 
Whites Hotel

Employment Type:

Leisure Centre


Main Duties:


4           To welcome the members and residents and assist them with any enquiries and to ensure that customer care standards are maintained and provide information about the leisure centre

4           Be fully familiar with the Safety Statement

4           Ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, that, on a given shift, employees under their supervision, are aware of and comply with the safety statement

4           Ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, others, including members, residents and contractors use the premises under their supervision and guidance, in all matters that may affect their health and safety whilst on the premises

4           Demonstrate by personal behaviour that only the highest standards of safety are acceptable in the workplace at all times

4           Ensure that employees under their control receive training and instruction relevant to the task being performed

4           Ensure that employees under their control are aware of the actions to be taken in the case of emergencies

4           Ensure that good housekeeping is maintained and that areas particularly exit and escape routes are kept clear and fire points un-obstructed at all times

4           Ensure that accident report forms are completed

4           Ensure that accidents are investigated in order to take preventative measures and revise procedures to minimise future risks

4           Carry out regular safety checks in the workplace

4           Ensure that all equipment is maintained in good working order

4           Ensure all contractors adopt a safe system of work and do not lower safety standards

4           Ensuring employees wear the correct personal protective equipment if required

4           Continually develop safe working practices

4           Establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, members and residents

4           To be responsible for the overseeing and general safety of the members and residents to prevent injury, misuse and damage to the facility

4           Reporting to the manager any mishaps which require medical attention or serious breach of pool discipline which might result in complaints being submitted

4           Opening up and closing of the facilities

4           To be familiar with the Standard Operating Procedures of the Leisure Centre

4           Pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role and to undertake any training in these areas as designated the Leisure Manger

4       To ensure smooth day to day running of the Wexford Club such as rota’s, stock control etc

4        Responsible for general cleanliness of the Wexford Club facilities

4       Follow Plant Room Duties to the latter to ensure sparkling pool & to ensure auxiliary plant in good working order (sauna, steam room & Jacuzzi)

4       Support Manger with staff discipline/behaviour, allocation of staff duties.

4       Support Manager in development of Wexford Club, overseeing of diary assessments & classes.




It is a condition of your employment that you do not discuss or disclose to any other person any details whatsoever about the Company’s business.



This is not a full and final list of duties and responsibilities and you may be required to carry out other task as directed by the Leisure Centre Manager or Leisure Centre Assistant Manager.


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