Property Name: 
Westport Hotel Group

Employment Type:

Leisure Centre

1. To maintain a clean facility, ensuring the health and safety of hotel residents and visiting guests.

2. To provide services directly to members and guests in a friendly, polite and helpful manner.

3. To prepare, store and maintain pool equipment for pool use.

4. To assist in the daily hygiene water plan including water testing and backwashing.

5. To support management in operation and management of the facility.

6. To maintain concentrated observation and supervision of the pool and pool users and to carry rescues or initiate other emergency action as and when required.

7. Supervision of all facilities and users and appropriate help and advice to all clients is required.

8. To give guided tours of the facility and all its equipment to potential patrons

9. To instruct in the safe use of the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi and all other facilities.

10. To contribute to the financial administration of the centre, handling payments accurately and carefully and keeping appropriate record of all monies.

11. To carry out appropriate duties as requested by the manager and assistant manager of the Spa.

12. To observe and adhere to all Health and Safety issues relating to the Spa/Pool/Hotel.

13. To aspire to the philosophies of Irelands Best and give full commitment to its ongoing success.

Required Qualifications: 
RLS Lifeguard Certificate
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First Name: 
Phone Number: 
00353 98 55088
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