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    25/07/2018 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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Property Name: 
Hayfield Manor

Employment Type:


Responsible To:        General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Operations Manager.


Responsible For:       Smooth and efficient running of Department.


Main Duties


·    To ensure that table appointments, including flower arrangements, are impeccable and that tables are set correctly, applying consistency throughout the work place.

·    To ensure that stations have their correct mise-en-place.

·    To ensure that faults and defects are reported to Maintenance and actioned without delay.

·    To maintain high standards of morale and personal appearance of all staff

·    To ensure fair and equitable discipline, yet complying with house or company regulations

·    To ensure that all stocks and supplies are timelessly requested, correct stock levels maintained and stored under optimum conditions. The regular monitoring of operating equipment must occur to eliminate the problem of stock shortage, ie. Request more stock in advance

·    Ensure that all staff know what is expected from him or her within the team, ie. Their goals and objectives must be clearly outlined and explained to them.

·    To ensure effective communication by attending meetings as required and holding staff meetings on a regular basis to impart information.

·    Ensure all staff is fully trained at a 5 star level

·    To give feedback on guest letters and comments

·    To comply with company regulations regarding:

       Fire,  Health & Safety, Hygiene & Customer Care, HACCAP

·    Monitor staff levels and rosters on a daily basis to ensure that business is justified.

·      Ensure that all menus are correct, neatly prepared and presented at all times

·      To give feed back to the kitchen on a daily base after or during service

·      Develop the service by coming up with new ideas on how to improve service and bring more business

-       Compile a daily handover for amangement


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Job Title: 
HR Manager
Phone Number: 
021 4845924
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