Reopening Supports

Reopening Supports
Introducing MyDiageo - helping hotels get ready this summer
One-stop-shop for everything your hotel needs, from ordering stock online to increasing sales & growing your business.
Diageo Ireland
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Helping hotels get ready this summer MyDiageo - a hub of resources and content to help you create a brilliant customer experience this summer and maximise your profits in 2021 and beyond.

  • Order draught beer & spirits
  • Manage invoices and account documents
  • Access great content to grow your business

Click HERE TO REGISTER and to access the full suite of supports available on MyDiageo. To get you started, check out our series of Beer Quality Checks for Reopening videos below:


4min 46sec DIAGEO

Clean Lines

5min 6sec DIAGEO

Refrigeration Checks

4min 59sec DIAGEO

Glassware Management

1min 10sec DIAGEO

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