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Be part of the change at - check out these top tips for greater energy efficiency within your hotel
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Check out these top tips for greater energy efficiency within your hotel. Click '[+]' below to expand each tip.

  • Energy management initiatives need to be a company wide effort that everyone can play a part in.
  • In every sector and room of your hotel, there is the opportunity to be more efficient, save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Create ownership within each team, with the authority to make decisions for their sector.
  • Involve and engage everyone in the business.

  • Knowledge is power. Know your tariff.
  • Find the information you need to understand your bill and the charges listed.
  • Research, understand and avail of cost saving opportunities in terms of equipment and from your provider.
  • Nightsaver – Use the reduced night rate to save money without compromising on service.

  • Again, knowledge is power.
  • Know your equipment and their energy ratings. Assess the cost of use against the cost of upgrade.
  • Become familiar with your energy usage by reading your meter daily for two weeks.
  • With this new knowledge, speak to your provider to find cost saving products and tariffs.
  • Track your progress.

  • Assess electrical equipment usage patterns in the premises.
  • Review all activities that use electricity.
  • Consider whether or not running hours of electrical equipment can be reduced /changed to night.
  • Energy Audits – Lighting/Equipment/Heating. Identify your areas of heavy use.
  • Again, get people involved. Find sustainability champions throughout your business.

  • Accounts for up to 40% of average bill.
  • Energy saving lamps – 80% cheaper to use, last twice as long & same light output
  • Fit daylight controls and use movement sensors. An empty room does not need to be lit.
  • All businesses can save on lighting.
  • Consider all areas, is solar PV an option?

  • Replace older boilers with efficient condensing boilers.
  • Dispatch heating and cooling in economic order.
  • Decouple fresh air requirement from heating requirement.
  • Link heating controls to booking system.
  • Consider onsite generation, combined heat and power.
  • Hot water: Consider moving from dedicated DHW boiler to heat exchanger with LPHW.

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