Cost Savings

Cost Savings
Achieve significant reductions in your hotel energy costs
€55,000 in savings for hotel client over 24 month period through bill restructuring and rate negotiation on electricity
Anthony Arundel, Emerald Utility Solutions
IHF Associate Member 2022

Last October, businesses including hotels experienced very substantial increases in PSO levies as well as significant increases in standing charges and pass-through costs on their electricity bills. These increases combined with a more recent spike in energy prices have placed a great deal of pressure on hotels already hit hard by Covid-related restrictions.

We can assist you achieve significant savings:
‌Our bill analysis service has the potential to reduce your monthly PSO Levy and capacity charges while also helping to address other issues such as low factor surcharges, excess capacity charges or incorrect meter configuration - all of which are common across the hospitality sector.

We work closely with all electricity suppliers as well as ESB Networks to deliver permanent savings for our clients, including bill restructuring and renegotiation of rates. These reductions can be achieved and applied to your future bills without affecting your current business or switching suppliers.

Case Study with €55,000 in savings:
We recently secured savings of in excess of €55,000 over the next 24 months for the Four Seasons Hotels in Louth and Meath through bill restructuring and renegotiation of rates on electricity.‌

Our other areas of expertise include LED audits and supplier procurement for electricity, gas, telecoms and merchant services.

We are available today to help you reduce your business energy and utility costs. Please contact us below to find out more or book a consultation.

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