Cost Savings

Cost Savings
Special offers - supporting the safe reopening of hotels
Glanta range of premium sanitiser and Innova rapid antigen tests - helping your re-open safely this summer
IHF Associate Member 2022

Glanta Premium Sanitiser

Our sanitiser is fully approved by the department of agriculture (PCS No 100567). It is manufactured in County Tipperary using the WHO formula (70% Alcohol Gel) together with Benzalkonium chloride, which is scientifically proven to provide protection for your staff and guests for up to four hours.

Antigen Test

  • Rapid antigen tests are easy to use and offer rapid results at low cost
  • Used to determine if an employee has enough of a COVID-19 viral load to be contagious to other people
  • Devices yield results in just 20-25 minutes
  • Mass and frequent use of the Innova rapid antigen tests is advocated by leading scientists and professionals to suppress infection in our communities
  • Innova rapid antigen tests reduce chances of transmission by identifying infectiousness in asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals

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