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Hospitality Products
Hugh Jordan | Hotel Reopening & Outdoor Dining Brochures
Ensuring the very best dining experience for your guests this year
Hugh Jordan
IHF Associate Member

Download our Reopening Essentials Brochure

Download our Outdoor Dining Brochure

At Hugh Jordan, we are here to help our customers navigate the ever-changing circumstances around hospitality during the pandemic. We have sourced a wide variety of products for both indoor and outdoor to ensure the best dining experience for your customers, while also adhering to safety guidelines.

We have created an outdoor dining brochure to help you expand your outdoor seating area to it’s full potential no matter the weather. Feel free to contact us on 01 8627200 or email us at You can also visit our website for more information, and to shop online.

Check out our Reopening Essentials and Outdoor Dining brochures below:

Reopening Essentials

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