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Innovatoin & Technology
IMS | Introducing PEN - a game-changer for the hospitality industry
Enabling hotel guests to connect devices and share content as they would on their home network
Leo Colgan, Director, IMS
IHF Associate Member

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IMS is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new product for the hospitality sector called the Personal Entertainment Network or PEN which is “In-Room Entertainment For A New World”.

As our homes connect more & more devices to the internet, we want to bring these devices with us. Today’s guests need private and secure networks that enable their smart devices to connect and share content effortlessly and that is where the new IMS product PEN comes in!

PEN differs from your typical public WiFi setup where a guest connects to a single open network that generally has low levels of security and does not allow for devices to communicate with each other.

The IMS Personal Entertainment Network (PEN) delivers a true home-from-home network that enables you to connect devices and share content in the same manner as you would on your home network.

All devices are kept in a secure, personal network that is not accessible from other guests or devices on the property. The PEN is not just limited to the guest room, it allows you to roam throughout the property while staying connected to the private, secure network.

IMS Director Leo Colgan: ”With the launch of PEN, IMS has stepped up, innovated and adapted what we can offer to our hospitality clients and their guests moving forward,” he said. ”Today’s guests need and expect access to private and secure wireless networks that seamlessly enable their smart devices to communicate over Wi-Fi just like in their homes every time they travel, and with PEN we have created an in-room experience which takes into consideration the many changes that have occurred since the Covid pandemic” he pointed out.

For more information on the ultimate hotel experience and to get connected to the IMS Personal Entertainment Network (PEN) – contact us today for a free consultation.

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