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Book Direct – Last-Minute Christmas Voucher Sales | Increase Your Direct Bookings This Festive Season
18th December 2023
Digital Marketing – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Success | Discover Top Tips for Hotels
18th December 2023
Digital Marketing – The Importance of Having a Bespoke Website Design
30th November 2023
Revenue Strategies – Perfecting Your Hotel Gift Voucher Strategy
14th September 2023
Book Direct – Getting your hotel ready for autumn bookings
27th July 2023
Book Direct – The balance of smart technology
18th July 2023
Digital Marketing – GA4 and other Google updates for hotels
29th June 2023
Digital Marketing – How can independent hotels combat the rise of OTAs?
22nd June 2023
Case Studies – 61% revenue increase for Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa
2nd June 2023
Digital Marketing – Copywriting for hotel email marketing
18th May 2023
Revenue Strategies – The ever-growing importance of personalisation
18th April 2023
Digital Marketing – A content marketing refresh for independent hotels
13th April 2023
Revenue Strategies – Hotel rates are getting higher – here’s how to set yours
6th April 2023
Digital Marketing – Hoteliers, should you be using ChatGPT?
30th March 2023
Digital Marketing – Preparing for hotel easter and summer bookings
16th March 2023
Book Direct – The importance of your hotel pre-stay email
9th February 2023
Digital Marketing – Valentine’s campaign tips for independent hotels
2nd February 2023
Digital Marketing – Copywriting for hotel email marketing
19th January 2023
Mobile – Mobile revenue at an all time high for hotels
19th January 2023
Book Direct – Irish hoteliers, prepare for the new February bank holiday
12th January 2023
Digital Marketing – Your hotel marketing​ guide for 2023
8th December 2022
Digital Marketing – Google Hotel Ads – Everything You Need to Know
1st December 2022
Revenue Strategies – The importance of personalisation
24th November 2022
Revenue Strategies – How can a CRM system help your hotel’s business grow?
16th November 2022
Digital Marketing – Here's how to strengthen your book direct strategy
10th November 2022
Digital Marketing – Developing your hotel's unique selling proposition
3rd November 2022
Digital Marketing – Hoteliers, here are some 2023 travel predictions
27th October 2022
Digital Marketing – Approaching mobile in 2023
20th October 2022
Digital Marketing – What will hotel technology trends be in 2023?
13th October 2022
Digital Marketing – TikTok marketing for hotels: is it worth it?
6th October 2022
Revenue Strategies – Here are the best hotel customer retention strategies
29th September 2022
Digital Marketing – Prepare your hotel for winter bookings
22nd September 2022
Digital Marketing – How can automation help your hotel run more efficiently?
15th September 2022
Digital Marketing – Content marketing for independent hotels
8th September 2022
Digital Marketing – How to attract 'digital travellers'
1st September 2022
Digital Marketing – How can you improve guest communication?
18th August 2022
Digital Marketing – Making metasearch work for you
11th August 2022
Digital Marketing – Attracting new kinds of business travellers
28th July 2022
Revenue Strategies – 10 top tips for handling negative reviews
21st July 2022
Book Direct – 10 things to look for in a hotel booking engine provider
14th July 2022
Case Studies – 78% increase in bookings for Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel
12th July 2022
Digital Marketing – Why is social media marketing so crucial for your hotel?
7th July 2022
Revenue – Is it worth independent hotels having a loyalty program?
27th June 2022
Culture – Going green: could your hotel be more sustainable?
16th June 2022
Digital Marketing – How can independent hotels combat the rise of OTAs?
9th June 2022
Digital Marketing – Attract more guests with better landing pages
2nd June 2022
Digital Marketing – How to boost hotel bookings using your booking engine data
19th May 2022
Digital Marketing – A smart guide to SEO for independent hotels
12th May 2022
Case Study – 64% growth for Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa
29th April 2022
Book Direct – Increasing your hotel's room sales this summer
28th April 2022
Conversion Optimisation – How can you drive hotel bookings via mobile?
21st April 2022
Book Direct – 16 tips to improve hotel bookings and increase revenue
14th April 2022
Digital Marketing – The importance of crafting your hotel’s brand story
7th April 2022
Top Tips – Planning for international travel growth in 2022
31st March 2022
Summer 22 – Hoteliers, it's time to prepare for the summer season
24th March 2022
Conversion Optimisation – How can utilising automation help your hotel?
11th March 2022
Digital Marketing – Managing metasearch as part of your strategy
28th February 2022
Digital Marketing – Repurposing your hotel blog content
21st February 2022
Book Direct – Why book direct is better for everyone
11th February 2022
Digital Marketing – Mobile traffic hits 80% for the first time ever
4th February 2022
Digital Marketing – Hoteliers, why does your marketing need to be consistent?
21st January 2022
Digital Marketing – Booking Engine & Website Checklist Q1 2022
13th January 2022
Conversion Optimisation – Creating the ultimate hotel tech stack
17th December 2021
Digital Marketing – Preparing your digital marketing for cookieless tracking
10th December 2021
Digital Marketing – How did Cyber Weekend perform in 2021?
3rd December 2021
Digital Marketing – Preparing your hotel for January sales
26th November 2021
Book Direct – Booking sentiment in October was positive
19th November 2021
Digital Marketing – 9 tips for creating great hotel website content
12th November 2021
Revenue Strategies – How can utilising automation help your hotel staff?
22nd October 2021
Culture – What are the hospitality trends for 2022?
15th October 2021
Digital Marketing – How should you prepare your hotel for the winter season?
7th October 2021
Hotel Vouchers – How they can benefit customers
1st October 2021
Marketing Tips – Increase your hotel's midweek stays
24th September 2021
August Stats  – Another strong staycation month
17th September 2021
Google Hotel Ads  – Why should every hotel be using them?
17th September 2021
Conversion Optimisation  – Keep your website fresh this autumn
2 September 2021
Culture  – What’s next for corporate travel?
26 August 2021
Digital Marketing  – Google Hotel Ads: 3 tips to help increase your revenue
26 August 2021
Book Direct  – Interest in international travel increases… and more July trends
19 August 2021
Inspiration  – Your guests’ priorities are changing. How can you facilitate them?
5 August 2021
Culture  – How can you make your hotel more sustainable?
29 July 2021
Culture  – What does international travel in 2022 look like
22 July 2021
Book Direct  – Getting your hotel ready for autumn bookings
15 July 2021
Mobile  – City hotels see a small boost and mobile revenue soars at 60%

8 July 2021
Book Direct  – What do shortened summer booking lead times mean for your hotel?
1 July 2021
Renenue Strategies  – How can a CRM system strengthen your relationships with guests?
24 June 2021
Digital Marketing  – Strongest ever performance on Google Hotel Ads in May with lowest CPA in years
24 June 2021
Inspiration  – Attracting ‘workationers’ to your hotel

17 June 2021
Book Direct  – Here are the types of hotels people booked in May
16 June 2021
Cancellations rates  – Where do they stand and how can you overcome them?
10 June 2021
Book Direct  – 8 Challenges faced by revenue managers in indepdnent hotels
27 May 2021
Covid  – Helpful tips to prepare your hotel for reopening
19 May 2021
Covid  – Helpful tips to prepare your hotel for reopening in advance of June 2nd
4 May 2021
Mobile  – The latest device trends show an increase in average transaction value
15 April 2021
News – have expanded their Genius loyalty programme - find out more

4 May 2021
Web Design – The latest hotel website trends and tips to inspire you in the lead up to summer
15 April 2021
Covid – How can you increase family bookings through your website?

4 May 2021
Digital Marketing – Building guest personas reflective of a more complex world
15 April 2021

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