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Hospitality Solutions
Tierney’s Hospitality IT Solutions
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Tierney’s provides a trusted and reputable range of IT Solutions, Support and Consultancy Services to the Hospitality Sector. We bring cutting edge solutions to our customers from leading partners around the globe enabling our clients to gain the maximum from their IT investment and helping them achieve their specific needs.

Many of our team have worked in the hospitality sector – with backgrounds in everything from marketing, to sales and general management in hotels. This means we understand the unique demands of the industry as our team have a strong professional background in the sector, this uniquely positions us to provide a tailored, world-class service.

“We have a top-class relationship with our suppliers, and we only work with the best. A lot of companies can do what we do – but not a lot of companies have the specific knowledge of the IT that a hotel requires. As soon as we hear that a hotel’s customers are being affected by an issue – we understand how important that is and we will pull out all the stops to fix that issue urgently.” Paudie Carmody, Technical Sales Manager.

“Business should be fair and upfront in my view, there are no hidden costs. If you give me the order, I will not let you down – it’s my name above the door.” Andy Tierney, Managing Director.

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