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Marketing Insights
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Ep 90: Prepping Your Website For Summer

Ep 89: Spring Cleaning Your Digital Assets

Ep 88: Writing Engaging Marketing Emails

Ep 87: Key Marketing Industry Updates

Ep 86: Preparing For Summer Campaigns

Ep 85: Using The Right Imagery For Your Campaigns

Ep 84: Nano And Micro Influencers

Ep 83: Reviewing Seasonal Family Packages

Ep 82: Building Your Email Database

Ep 80: Tips For Your Book Direct Strategy

Ep 79: Q1 Key Dates & Pinterest Ads

Ep 78: Planning Organic Content For Q1

Ep 74: Prepping For January Sales

Ep 73: Prepping For Cookieless Data

Ep 72: Setting Up Seasonal Landing Pages

Ep 67: Preparing for Winter Campaigns

Ep 66: Promoting Midweek Stays

Ep 65: Prepping For Autumn & Winter

Ep 64: Autumn Campaigns

Ep 62: Apple IOS 14 Update

Ep 61: Autumn Recommendations

Ep 60: Reviewing Your Landing Pages In The Context Of SEO

Ep 57: Google Ads Image Extensions

Ep 56: Marketing Landing Pages

Ep 48: Targeting the Domestic Family Market this Summer

Ep 45: Promoting Hotel Offers Creatively to the 'Over-55s' Market

Ep 39: Improving Your Hotel's Local SEO

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