Case Study

Case Study
How PictionUs enhances wedding couples’ overall experience and adds to the bottom line
Barberstown Castle Case Study: PictionUs adds a new and exciting USP for our brides and grooms
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Barberstown Castle is renowned as one of the finest wedding venues in Ireland. This beautiful historic castle hosts a 10-bedroom property with three bathrooms and a 55-bedroom Failte Ireland approved 4 Star Hotel. The staff and venue have showcased some of the best weddings in the industry for the last 40 years and they are a proud member of Ireland's Blue Book of properties and Historic Hotels of Europe.

Goals - Managing Director, Ted Robinson and the team at Barberstown wanted to continue to enhance the experience for their wedding guests, to build on their already high reputation and continue to add new and exciting USPs for their brides and grooms.

After looking into PictionUs, they felt it was a service that could be easily implemented and would create that extra value for its couples. The PictionUs experience consists of the bride and groom getting a digital wedding album through the PictionUs app, a unique QR code is emailed to the property which is printed and put on the tables. The guests then scan the QR code and get added to the album to upload and share all their special photos and videos from the wedding.

Solution – PictionUs worked with Barberstown Castle and created their profile page and discount code on the app. Following a short meeting they were then able to offer PictionUs as part of their wedding packages. Each PictionUs album can have unlimited guests and 1500 photos or videos.

Results – The Barberstown team have been delighted with the results. PictionUs has definitely created a sense of excitement with the couples. “It’s a really simple idea and brides and grooms are really enjoying it. For ourselves it works because of how easy it was to implement and it offers that USP that couples are after. The discounted price we buy it at really adds value to our overall package, this is what we are looking for as an add on and the relationship is really working well” says Ted Robinson, Barberstown Managing Director.

Better services mean a better overall experience

“PictionUs provides a seamless and effortless service to our clients. It’s a fun and easy way of collaborating the groups photos and overall really adds a fun element to the day. People forget how many photos can be missed from their big day and this service fixes this problem while adding to couple’s experience. I think 20 years ago we all remember the disposable cameras on the tables this is just the next step on from that.”

Key integrations & Simplicity

“PictionUs created our profile and provided us with our discount code. So it was very easy after that, each wedding that wants to include the PictionUs wedding experience we simple purchase the album with our discount code and forward the table card QR code over to the bride and groom. We then print it out on the day and place them on the tables.

“The PictionUs team are on hand at any stage and any problems they are there to help. They were present for the first couple of weddings we had and helped us through the process. After the first wedding it was very easy to implement but the whole team are very much on hand to help you integrate the service.”

The bottom line

“When we look at adding a service into our packages it’s nice to get a kickback on the service. We purchase the album through the PictionUs app for a wholesale price 197 euro and the retail price is 329.99 to the couple.”

The Conclusion

“Using it with every wedding package has helped enhance our couples experience. We are always forward thinking and looking for new services to stay ahead of the industry. PictionUs provide a fun, easy and simple way for guests to capture all their photos in the one place. They provide the service to us at a 40% discount and it helps our bottom line over the course of the year and overall it has been a success for us,” he concluded.

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