Avison Young Podcast | Made to serve: The rise and future of robot restaurants
The future of robotics in the food industry - applications and methods are quickly advancing
Avison Young (formerly GVA Donal O’ Buachalla)
IHF Associate Member

The ‘Changing Places’ podcast from Avison Young aims to “explore and question our complex relationship with the built world around us. How we live, work, and play is changing like we’ve never seen before”.

In this episode ‘Made to serve: The rise and future of robot restaurants’, host Mariam Sobh discusses the future of robotics in the food industry with guests Jake Brewer, Chief Strategy Officer at Miso Robotics, Darian Ahler, CEO at Bobacino, and Benson Tsai, CEO and Co-Founder at Stellar Pizza.

Automation in the food service industry is nothing new, but the applications and methods available for food preparation and delivery are quickly advancing. From next generation vending machines and touch screen ordering to robotic fryers, pizza and boba tea, infusion of automation and robotics is starting to happen at every level of the quick-service food sector. Haven’t experienced it yet? It’s likely a matter of time.

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