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D-Edge - How can automation help hoteliers?
Eliminate useless, tedious, error-prone manual tasks from hospitality jobs and improve the customer experience
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With the COVID crisis, some trends have become rooted in our habits, and new needs have emerged, including in the hospitality business. Among them: the surge in demand for automation. Initiated to reduce the risk of infection, the digitalisation of some services such as online check-in/out – to name one – enabled travellers to feel safe and to keep traveling, while it has also empowered hoteliers, allowing them to maintain a certain level of business during the crisis, but also reallocate their human resources to higher value-added tasks.

Now as the hospitality industry faces a global labour shortage and rising costs for attracting & retaining employees: could automation provide an effective solution?

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions shares some thoughts on how automation can help make hospitality jobs more attractive, by eliminating useless, tedious, error-prone manual tasks and improving the customer experience on their blog here.

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